Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Days Past Ovulation - Day 10

Day 10. Supposedly, Early Response is good for 4 days before your period is expected, which means I could, technically, try today and get my answer. But I am not going to because I am too scared. I am going to wait until Sunday. I just went through this all last month and I cannot be running to the drug store every month hoping against hope. (Who am I fooling? Of course I am hoping against hope!). I need to chill out and just wait it out. It will happen if it happens. I read somewhere that a couple should try 3 times in a row on their own before seeking help from a doctor. So, if this month is negative, I have one more month to try before I admit that something may be up with my fertility.

I have a sinking feeling that there is something wrong. My husband and I tried a few times about a year ago and we didn't get pregnant. It was quite a shock because the first time around, I got pregnant the first try and then when I miscarried that pregnancy, I got pregnant the first time we were able to try again. I'd come to expect that I had a very good fix on my ovulation and that there was nothing about my eggs or my husband's sperm that would cause us concern.

But. Here I am, having tried - off and on - a handful of times and no double line on the stick to speak of. I'm concerned.

I'd dread taking the test.

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