Saturday, January 5, 2008

Days Past Ovulation - Day 7

Today, I'm thinking of "C" in my list of concerns. I am worried about my job. More specifically, I am worried about my job once I tell my employer that I am pregnant (if and when that happens). They are not sure to like it, although I expect they'll be decent. See, I don't want to tell anyone anything about wanting babies, trying to have babies or, in the case I DO get pregnant, that I actually am least until I am well past the scary first trimester and past all the scary tests a 38 pregnant woman is urged to take.

Thing is, there is a chance that just by writing this blog I've let the cat out of the bag. My boss is probably the most savvy cyber sleuth I know and she seems to take pleasure and pride in following the online activities of people she knows. If anyone has seen this blog, it is likely her. There were some comments at the office made yesterday that makes me think that she's onto this blog.

I knew this going in and I started this blog anyway. I don't know what actual consequences there would be to her reading it, but I'm anxious anyway.

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